On this page you can find an A-Z of all videos that have been involved in these awards and are there for not eligible for nomination age.

Videos are sorted by the Artists name.

Videos with a * next to them, received one or more awards.


Adi - Poison
Aim9 - Shine Your Light
Aim9 - The Rising
Alli Snow - American Soldier*
Alli Snow - Eat It
Alli Snow - In The Middle*
Alli Snow - I Wanna Talk About Me
Alli Snow - Loving You Against My Will
Alli Snow - Super Girl
Alli Snow - Super Man*
Alli Snow - Sweet Mistakes*
Alli Snow - Unwell
Alli Snow - White Flag*
Akire - All The Things You Said*
Amanda - Fallen*
Amanda - Hanging By A Moment*
Amanda - Hot In Herre
Amanda - I'll Be There For You*
Amanda - Whisper
Amy - Amazing*
Amy - Angels Would Fall
Amy - Daniel
Amy - Good Ol' Boys
Amy - It Is You (I Have Loved)
Amy - Living On The Edge
Amy - Mama Said
Amy - Not While I'm Around
Amy - Poison
Amy - Rioting In Africa*
Amy - Some Gave All*
Amy - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Amy - Still Holding Out For You
Amy - Still The One*
Amy - Undivided
Amy - Words He Doesn't Say
Amy - You Needed Me
Amy - Zero To Hero*
Ana Lobo - Jack-Daniel
Andrew Levy - Dog Eat Dog
Andrew Levy - Remember Me
Angelique - Behind Blue Eyes
Angelique - Coffee Break
Angelique - Jack And Daniel Instrumental
Angelique - Just What I Needed
Angelique - Lean On Me
Angelique - Love The One You're With
Angelique - Walking Away From You
Angelique - You Were On My Mind
AnnaK - Fallen
Anne - A Fallen Hero*
Anne - Back To The Stargate
Anne - Breaking The Habit
Anne - Don't Leave Home
Anne - Have The Courage To Dare
Anne - Less A Patriot
Anne - Only Hope
Anne - Stupid
Anne - The Lost City
Arnise - Here Without You
Arnise - Man, I Feel like A Woman*
Arrietty - If You're Not The One
Arrietty - I'll Fly With You
Arrietty - Just A Job
Aussie Mel - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
Azar - Elevation
Azar - Let's Hear It For The Boy
Azonia - Leave Right Now*
Azonia - Teenage Dirtbag
Azonia & Ms. 3M - Happy Together
Azonia & Ms. 3M - More Than Words
Azonia & Ms. 3M - Slave To Love

Barkley - Another Train
Barkley - Break The Habit
Barkley - Gortoz A Ran
Barkley - I Am Mine
Barkley - I Love Everybody
Barkley - Lucky One
Barkley - Never Die Young
Barkley - Pretty Angry
Barkley - Tom Sawyer
Beth - Adrenaline*
Beth - Better Man
Beth - Bring Me To Life
Beth - Crash And Burn*
Beth - Drops Of Jupiter
Beth - I Believe In A Thing Called Love
Beth - I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore
Beth - If You're Not The One
Beth - I'll Be There For You
Beth - It's My Life
Beth - Kung Fo Fighting
Beth - Losing My Religion
Beth - Pretty Fly For A White Guy
Bex - Bullet In A Gun
blacklily28 - King Of Wishful Thinking
brihana25 - Children Of The Sun
brihana25 - SG1 (Coming Home)
brihana25 - Stargate Cantina*
brihana25 - Stay With Me*
brihana25 - You Must Love Me*
brihana25 & Ms. 3M - Icon Of Hope
brihana25 & Ms. 3M - Into That Good Night
brihana25 & Ms. 3M - King Of Denial
Brenna - Bring On The Rain
Brenna - Camp Grenada*
Brenna - Immortality*
Brenna - Mama Said
Brian'na - Beauty And The Beast
Brian'na - Cupid
Brian'na - Falling Like This
Brian'na - Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Brian'na - I Go Crazy
Brian'na - I Will Remember You
Brian'na - Roll To Me
Brian'na - She Drives Me Crazy
Brian'na - So Hard To Say Goodbye
Brian'na - Wonderboy

Callea Veda - Are You In
Callea Veda - Fall Into Me*
Callea Veda - Friends
Callea Veda - High Sensitivity
Callea Veda - Taking Over Me*
Callea Veda - Time To Tell
Callea Veda - Unchangeable
Callea Veda - Want
Callea Veda - What I Really Meant To Say
Carol S - Eclipse
Carol S - Interjection
Carol S - Language
Carol S - Old Man
Carol S - Passionate Kisses
Carol S - Release
Carol S - Southside
Carol S - Voodoo
Carol S & Destina - So It Goes
Cathy - Where Your Road Leads
Caty - Frozen
Caty - L'hymne a l'amour
Cecile Laumonier - If Tomorrow Never Comes
Cecile Laumonier - The Impossible Dream
Celsitude - Everything
ChocolatyShatnr - Too Much Time On Our Hands
CJ - Dreams
Clara - Ain't Nothing About You
Clara - Basket Case
Clara - Bohemian Like You
Clara - Bring On The Rain
Clara - Flying Without Wings
Clara - Get Happy
Clara - I Don't Wanna Be*
Clara - I Feel The Earth Move
Clara - If I'm Not In You
Clara - I Think I Love You 'Jack/Daniel'*
Clara - I Think I Love You 'Sam/Janet'*
Clara - Last Man Standing
Clara - My Best Friend
Clara - No One Needs To Know
Clara - Push*
Clara - Secret Lovers*
Clara - Strange Relationship
Clara - The Cold Song
Clara - Time Of Your Life
Clara - To Be With You
Clara - Underneath Your Clothes
Clara - Where You Lead
Clara - Wrapped Up In You
Clara - You Can't Hide Beautiful
Clara - You Were Mine
Clara & Karaden - Just A Little
Clara & LauraJo - I Can't Break Down
Claris - At The Beginning
Claris - Voice Within
Corine - Eagle
Corine - Love Is A Stranger
Corine - Sabre Dance*
Corine - The Ketchup Song*

D2 & HM - My Lover's Gone*
D2 - The Dark Is Rising
Darth Annaud - Goodbye Janet
Deanie - In My Daughter's Eyes*
Deanie - Lifeboat
Deanie - One Girl Revolution*
Deanie - Teal'c Decision*
Deanie - The Woman Of Stargate SG-1*
Deanie - This One's For The Girls*
Deanie - Where Do We Go From Here
Destina And Carol S - Place In The World
Destiny - Man! I Feel Like A Woman*
Destiny - Nothing Else Matters
Diane - Maybe
Diane - The Safest Place
Dragonfly - Wind Beneath My Wings*

Eleri - Hello
Eleri - Magic Snow
Emony - I'm In The Mood For Dancin'
Emony - Your Song
Esther - Happy Ending
Ewokmonster - Someday

Fairygnomes - Answer
Fairygnomes - Stranded
Fairygnomes - This Kiss
Faith - Grace
Felar - Come A Little Closer
Felar - I Want U 2 Want Me
Felar - Pinky And The Brain
Felar - To Where You Are
Fides - You Can Make Me Whole Again
Fides - Weakness In Me
Fran Glass aka. Farscape Fran - Unwell*

Gator - Replicators
Gigi - First Cut Is The Deepest
Glenda - 100 Years
Glenda - Fields Of Innocence
Glenda - Hello
Glenda - Now We Are Free*
Glenda - So Far Away
Gobo - Arrasando
Gobo - Battless
Gobo - Bra'tac & Teal'c
Gobo - Hammond
Gobo - Immortal
Gobo - My Lost City
Gobo - New Horizons
Gobo - SG-A-Team
Gobo - The Beginning
Gobo - The Future
Gobo - The Union

H - Song 2
Hejira - All The Things She Said
Hejira - Ride The Wave
Hejira - Track 14
Holly - The Reason
Hoodat Whatzit - Another Sun
Hoodat Whatzit - Dead Egyptian Blues*
Hoodat Whatzit - I Surrender
Hoodat Whatzit - Lock And Load*
Hoodat Whatzit - Rocks And Trees*
Hoodat Whatzit - The Promise*
Hoodat Whatzit - Trouble
Hoodat Whatzit - Unforgettable
Hoodat Whatzit - Were You Born An Asshole?



JayEm - Desert Rose
JayEm - Learning To Breathe
JAM - Fred (Seven Little Girls)
Jayma - Bring Me To Life
Jayma - Everyone
Jayma - Everything You Want
Jayma - I'm With You
Jayma - My Immortal
Jayma - Someday
Jen - Complicated
Jen - I'm With You
Jen - Tiny Toons
Jen [2] - Everybody Hurts
Jennie - I Don't Know You Anymore
Jennifer Ranieri - Heaven Help Me
Jennifer Ranieri - If You're Not The One
Jenny - Glory Of Love
Jenny - Hooray
Jenny - Testify
Jo'Siris & Adele - Wonder Woman
Jo'Siris & Lab_Brat - Timewarp*
Julie - Jack & Harry Playing Survivor

Kachina - All Star
Kachina - A Thousand Miles
Kachina - Blinding Me With Science
Kachina - Butterfly Kisses
Kachina - Devil Inside
Kachina - Fan Fare Of A Common Man
Kachina - Gotta Wear Shades
Kachina - Hand Held Grenade
Kachina - Sometimes When We Touch
Kachina - Spirit And Wisdom
Kachina - The Rock
Kachina - Unchained Melody
Krisha - Friends Never Say Goodbye
Kristy - Boss Of Me

LauraJo - All The Things She Said*
LauraJo - Banana Man*
LauraJo - Bring On The Day
LauraJo - Circle Of Life*
LauraJo - Crush*
LauraJo - Cry
LauraJo - Die Another Day*
LauraJo - Do It With Madonna*
LauraJo - Fame*
LauraJo - Female Of The Species*
LauraJo - Fireman Sam*
LauraJo - Fly (We Won't Forget)*
LauraJo - How Can I Not Love You
LauraJo - I Don't Want To Live On The Moon
LauraJo - I Hope You Dance
LauraJo - I Miss My Friend
LauraJo - I Will Take Care Of You*
LauraJo - If You're Not The One*
LauraJo - I'll Stand By You
LauraJo - Impressive Instant*
LauraJo - Last Night Of The World
LauraJo - Leave Right Now*
LauraJo - Moonstruck*
LauraJo - Nothing I Can Do*
LauraJo - Our Lives
LauraJo - Reach*
LauraJo - Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves
LauraJo - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles*
LauraJo - The Man In Me*
LauraJo - We Are The Champions*
LauraJo - Why
LauraJo - Your Picture
LauraJo & Jo'Siris - Always
Lena & Christina - Accidentally In Love*
Lena & Christina - Du bist nicht allein
Lena & Christina - The Way I Am
Lena & Christina - Total Eclipse Of The Heart*

Lin - It Must Be Love
Lola - Danger Zone
Lola - I Love You
Lola - I Would Die For You
Lola - Nobody's Fool
Lola - Shine
Lorel - Fall To Pieces

Mabinogi - Abyss
Mabinogi - Jonny On The Spot
Mabinogi - Papercut
Mabinogi - Prodigy
Mabinogi - Sexxy
Mabinogi - Slow
Margie - IBS
Marky G - Falling From Grace
Marky G - There She Goes
Marky G - Walking In Memphis
Martouf Marty - Couple Can Kick It
Martouf Marty - Hathor
Martouf Marty - Mighty Jonas Quinn
Martouf Marty - My Boyfriend's Back
Martouf Marty - Point Of View
Martouf Marty - Stargate SG-1
Martouf Marty - Window Of Opportunity
Meesh - Inside Out
Meesh - I'm Jealous
Meesh - Still Holding Out For You
Mel - Private Emotion*
Mel & Chris - End Of The World
Mel & Chris - What If
Melissa Francis - Chained To You
Meret & Anqet - Hero
Meret & Anqet - Home
Meret & Anqet - Just A Little
Meret & Anqet - Unintended
Michelle Lunsford - Best Of Me
Michelle Lunsford - Come To Me
Michelle Lunsford - Fever
Michelle Lunsford - How Can I Stop Loving You*
Michelle Lunsford - Legacy
Michelle Lunsford - Nice
Michelle Lunsford - Something To Talk About*
Michelle Lunsford - Survivor
Michelle Lunsford - Wild Boys
Michelle Lunsford & Meg - Breaking The Habit
Michelle V - Fishing In The Morning
Michelle V - I Grieve
Michelle V - Love You Madly
Michelle V - Stargate Fun
Midnight Ascension - I Drove All Night
MissAnnThropic - Hanging By A Moment
Monsie - Everybody's Free
Monsie - How Can I Not Love You
Monsie - Let's Pretend
Monsie - Perhaps
Monsie - You're A God
Moorhuhnkiller - The A-Team
Moorhuhnkiller - The Invasion
Muppet - Benny Hill
Muppet - I Am What I Am
Muppet - I Believe In A Thing Called Love
Muppet - I Just Wanna Make Love To You
Muppet - Stand By Me
Muppet - The Puppet Show
Muppet - We Go Together
Muppet - Wonderful World
Muppet - You Belong To Me
Muppet - You're The One That I Want

Nao'nak - Abba Melody
Nao'nak - Hallelujah
Nao'nak - Hero's*
Nao'nak - It Doesn't Matter
Nao'nak - Mandy
Nao'nak - Mysterious Girl
Nao'nak - The Reason
Nel - Holding Out For A Hero*
Nutty Muppet - Angel Theme
Nutty Muppet - I Will Always Hate You
Nutty Muppet - Rugrats
Nutty Muppet - Sound Of The Underground*
Nutty Muppet - Survivor


Pam - Dead
Pam - Get Off
Pam V - That's When I Love You
Pendaren - Jessie's Girl
Puk - Engel
Puk - Pinky And The Brain
Puk - Things I've Seen
Puk - You Had Me From Hello



Rachael - Before You And Me
Rachael - Hold Onto The Night
Rachael - I Dare You
Rachael - I Will...But
Rachael - Lucky For You
Rachael - Time
Rebecca Walker - I'll Be There
Relic1979 - Always Take The Weather With You
Relic1979 - Camp Grenada
Relic1979 - Dear Diary
Relic1979 - Devil In Disguise
Relic1979 - Just A Kid
Relic1979 - Let's Hear It
Relic1979 - Major Jack
Relic1979 - Missing You
Relic1979 - One Week
Relic1979 - SG1 Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Relic1979 - Things I'll Never Say
Relic1979 - Thinking Over
Relic1979 - We Go Together
Rhian - Airhead
Rhian - I Believe In A Thing Called Love
Rhian - Leap of Faith*
Rhian - Nothing Without Me
Rhian - Waiting*
Rhian & Jo - Bed*
RocketChick - Sam Carter Tribute*
Rowan Darkstar - Love Pollution
Rowan Darkstar - Silver Strand
Roxie - Heaven Can Wait
Roxie - Little Hercules

Sadie - Have A Little Faith In Me
Sam23 - MacGyver
Sam23 - Stayin' Alive
Sam23 - The Other (JR) Bourne*
Sam23 - Wonderful Journey
Sara C - Awake
Sara C - Here Without You
Sara C - The Search Is Over
Sara C - We're Not Gonna Take It
Sargent - Daniel's Band
Sargent - If I Was The One
scifi2024 - Areals
SE - It's A War In There
SE - My Ain True Love*
SE - Path*
SE - The Beautiful People*
Shadow - I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is
Shima - Girlfriend
Shima - She's Not Just A Pretty Face*
Shinara - Devil In Disguise
Shinara - I Can Change
Shinara - Look Of Love
Sierra Phoenix - Somebody Help Me
Simone - All The Things She Said
Simone - Eden
Simone - Halycon
Simone - Only Got One
Simone - Remember
Simone - The Long Day Is Over
Simone - Weapon
S.K. Roberts - Holding Out For A Hero*
S.K. Roberts - Numb
S.K. Roberts - Session
S.K. Roberts - Whisper
Smish - Reload
Smish - Smitten
SNY - A New Beginning
SNY - Abyss Tribute*
SNY - Armageddon*
SNY - Atlantis
SNY - Conga Fury*
SNY - Daniel Jackson
SNY - Desire*
SNY - DVD Intro
SNY - Fate
SNY - Forbidden
SNY - Gatercon, 04 Trailer
SNY - Go Towards The Light
SNY Hammond-Behind The Lines
SNY - Impossible
SNY - Janet*
SNY - LOTR-Stargate*
SNY - Mysterious Times
SNY - O Verona
SNY - Sam And Jack Tribute
SNY - Stargate Command
SNY - Stargate Fan Club
SNY - Tarawa*
SNY - Teal'c*
SNY - The Storm
Splash - Only Hope
StargateDownloads - She's Not Just A Pretty Face
StargateDownloads - The Mighty Jonas Quinn
Stargate MC - Senator Kinsey's Planet Of Utter Strangeness
SuzVoy - Agony*
SuzVoy - All Coming Back To Me Now*
SuzVoy - All You Want*
SuzVoy - Bitch*
SuzVoy - Brand New Hero*
SuzVoy - Could I Be You
SuzVoy - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
SuzVoy - Don't Stop Dancing
SuzVoy - For Kids Of All Ages*
SuzVoy - Good Life
SuzVoy - I'll Be There For You*
SuzVoy - Jezebel*
SuzVoy - Just A Little Girl*
SuzVoy - Let Me Go Back*
SuzVoy - Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee
SuzVoy - Missing
SuzVoy - Nobody's Girl
SuzVoy - Raise Your Rifles
SuzVoy - Stay Home
SuzVoy - What If
SuzVoy - Wonder Woman
SuzVoy - Victoria's Secret*
SuzVoy - You Get Me*

Take 3 - Night Fever*
Tarra - American Made
Tarra - I'm Moving On
Tarra - My Heart Will Go On
Tarra - Sharp Dressed Man
Tarra - Some days You Gotta Dance
Tarra - Turn Back The Hands Of Time
Tarra - When You Say Nothing At All
Teal'c - A Tribute To Pierre Bernard
Teal'c - Cheating Gets Faster
Teal'c - Diggin' For Fire
Teal'c - Duelling Banjos
Teal'c - Just A Girl
Teal'c - Hit
Teal'c - I'm An Asshole
Teal'c - It's The End Of The World...Again
Teal'c - Jonas-Ship
Teal'c - Loser
Teal'c - Magic Carpet Ride
Teal'c - Secret Air Force Man
Teal'c - Sweetness
Teal'c - The Eye Of Ra
Teal'c - The Parophoanic Age
Teal'c - The Techobabble Song
Teal'c - Warning
Teal'c - Welcome To Paradise
Teal'c - Where In My Mind
teryl_brat42 - Folgers SG1
The JD Team - Because We Can
The JD Team - Before Dawn
The JD Team - Breakdown
The JD Team - I Could Love You Better
Theresa Smith - Beer
Theresa Smith - Come Away With Me
Theresa Smith - Love Hurts
Theresa Smith - Run To You
Thinkey - Couldn't Have Said It Better
thud_jack - Angel Eyes
thud_jack - Lady, He's A Tramp


Vanessa Nichols - 2024 Montage
Vanessa Nichols - Danger Mouse
Vanessa Nichols - Just One Tear
Vanessa Nichols - Never Be The Same Again
Vanessa Nichols - Real Good Friends
Vanessa Nichols - Requiescat In Peace
Vanessa Nichols - Six Feet
Vanessa Nichols - Tragic*
Vicki - He's A Tramp
Viqui - I Will Always Return
Viqui - Simply The Best
Viqui - Sound The Bugle
Viqui - Step By Step

Waldo - I Hope You Dance
Waldo - I Want A New Drug
Waldo - I'm Movin' On
Waldo - True Colors
Wanakeena - Hallelujah
Wickmoo Productions - Desert Rose
Wickmoo Productions - I'll Be
Wickmoo Productions - Take Me
Wimsey - Raucous
Wimsey - Space Monkey
Wimsey - Where It Ends
Wistful - Four Letter Word

Xandra - I Think I'm A Clone Now
Ximeria - My Immortal*