The Sam & Janet Awards, 2005

Please note that you do not need to vote in every category but if voting in a category please chose an item for both first and second place.



Angst-First Place
Angst-Second Place

Friendship-First Place

Friendship-Second Place

Pre Relationship-First Place

Pre Relationship-Second Place

Romance-First Place

Romance-Second Place


Humour-First Place

Humour-Second Place


NC-17-First Place

NC-17-Second Place


Series-First Place

Series-Second Place


Drabble-First Place

Drabble-Second Place


Sam/Other-First Place

Sam/Other-Second Place


Janet/Other-First Place

Janet/Other-Second Place


Heroes-First Place

Heroes-Second Place



New Author


Sam/Janet Artwork-First Place

Sam/Janet Artwork-Second Place


Sam Artwork-First Place

Sam Artwork-Second Place


Janet Artwork-First Place

Janet Artwork-Second Place


Sam/Janet Music Video-First Place

Sam/Janet Music Video-Second Place


Sam Music Video-First Place

Sam Music Video-Second Place


Janet Music Video-First Place

Janet Music Video-Second Place


Website-First Place

Website-Second Place