The Sam & Janet Awards, 2005


Every contest has to have some rules and these are ours.

Only two fics per author and two videos/artwork per artist are allowed in each category. If more than two per person is nominated then the final choice as to which two are included will be left with the artist/author themselves.

When voting, you do not need to vote in every category, however please make sure you include your name, e-mail and vote for both first and second place.

Ballet stuffing by an author/artist will result in their work being removed from the contest and they will be banned from entering future contests. Ballet stuffing from a non participating voter will result in their votes being labelled invalid and a ban from voting in future contests.

No videos or fics nominated previously are eligible for nomination this year. A list of last years nominations are available so please check before nominating any videos, artwork or fic.

The only exceptions to the above rule are the 'Best Author' and 'Best Website' categories.

Any questions? Let me know!