The Sam & Janet Awards, 2005

Best Angst Fanfic
Celievamp - The Damned
Elizabeth Carter - For The Love Of A Child
Harriet - As One
Meesh - A Year Ago Today
Meesh - Reflections
Ocean Gazer - Passages
RocketChick - Before Knowing Remembers
RocketChick - One Last Kiss

Best Friendship Fanfic
LauraJo - Back On Top
Mandy - Entity
Meesh - Rescue Me
Meesh - Trust
Ocean Gazer - Passages
RocketChick - Sunday On The Lake With Janet
tigermoth26 - Anxiety

Best Pre Relationship Fanfic
Celievamp - A Dream Cam Come True
Debbie - The Long And The Short Of It
Gravity Star - Drunken Confessions
Meesh - Confessions
RocketChick - In Pursuit Of The Moment
Teryl_Brat42 - Whatever 'It' Is
The X-Woman - A Certain Girl

Best Romance Fanfic
A Magiluna Stormwriter - Always And In All Ways
Celievamp - Interlude 2
Elizabeth Carter - Reindeer
Indiana - Wildfire
Jakobine - Falling Forward
Lab_Brat - Rain
Lab_Brat - Topping The Score
Michelle Davison - I Lay Alone In The Dark
Neoma - Home For The Holidays
Not Jenny - The Queer Sisters
Ocean Gazer - Janet Fraiser And The Christmas Letter
RocketChick - Before Knowing Remembers
RocketChick - The Beat Of A Heart
teryl_brat42 - Whatever 'It' Is
WeeJee - The Games We Play
Wordsmith - Not Like This
Xander - Trajectory


Best Humour Fanfic
Celievamp - Chocolate Surprise
Meesh - More Sex On The Beach
Ralst - Not Quite Shakespeare
RocketChick - The Emergency Stand-By Caretaker
Teryl_Brat42 - One Damn Beer

Best NC-17 Fanfic
Celievamp - Interlude 2
Celievamp - Passion Play
MajelB - Short Little, Sweet Little
Meesh - Go The Distance
Meesh - Reflections
Shatterpath - A Love Scene
Shatterpath - Southern Heat
Wordsmith - 100 Days On Tape
Wordsmith - Not Like This

Best Fanfic Series
Celievamp - Dayspell
Elizabeth Carter - Champions Gate
Meesh - Sam & Janet's 12 Days Of Christmas
RocketChick - The Thousand Words Series

Best Drabble
Clara - The Simple Truth
Meesh - A Simple Task
Meesh - The Sound Of Silence
Rysler - Contrived
Wendy - Blue Eyes

Best Sam/Other Fanfic
Azar - Places I've Never Been
Clara - The Rum Deal
Sesa Woruban - Getting Some Lunch
WeeJee - Convergence
Wordsmith - Siberian Heat

Best Janet/Other Fanfic
Little Red - Second Chances
Meesh - EMH
Rysler - I Didn't Ask
Wendy - Relaxed

Best Heroes Related Fanfic
Celievamp - I'd Give Up Forever To Touch You
Celievamp - The Letter
Elizabeth Carter - For The Love Of A Child
Meesh - Last Order Of Business
Meesh - The Sound Of Silence
Ocean Gazer - Passages
RocketChick - Before Knowing Remembers
Rysler - Za'Ha'Dum

Best Author
Elizabeth Carter

Best New Author

Best Sam/Janet Artwork
Lab_Brat - In The Arms Of Family
Minstrel04 - "A Woman Behind Bars Movie?"
Minstrel04 - Waiting
Nicka - The Girls
RocketChick - Blackout
RocketChick - Saying Goodbye

Best Sam Artwork
Amanda - Grace
AnnieB - Scholar And Ass Kicker
Mesh - Highlights
Mesh - Sam
Minstrel04 - Tribute To A Friend
RocketChick - Badass
RocketChick - Sam X-Treme
Smiling Guy - Amanda Tapping

Best Janet Artwork
Darth Annaud - Janet
Elspeth Mac - Janet
HowlsThunder - Sister Janet
Lab_Brat - Janet
Meesh - Decisions
Minstrel04  - Dr Janet Fraiser
Wonky - Help me

Best Sam/Janet Music Video
Clara - Frightened
Clara - Push
Shadow - I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is
Smish - Stand By Me

Best Sam Music Video
Charlie - Simple Irresistible
Clara - The Analyst
Deanie - One Girl Revolution
Deanie - This One's For The Girls
RocketChick - With A Little Help From My Friends

Best Janet Music Video
Clara - Always There
Clara - Where You Lead

LauraJo - Fly (We Won't Forget)
LauraJo - Your Picture
Meesh - In My Daughter's Eyes
RocketChick - Short Skirt Long Jacket

Best Website
Area 52 HKH
Passion & Perfection
Realm Of The Shadow
RocketChick's Homepage