Too Late
By Clara

Summary: Not now.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Category: Daniel/Janet friendship (Up to you really!)
Spoilers: Heroes

Warnings: Ok, it's a *Heroes* fic...wanna guess this bit?
Author's Notes: I'm not a Daniel/Janet shipper *shakes head* nu uh.
Dedication: Thanks to Vicki for looking this over.

The still rolling camera fell forgotten to the ground as he rushing to her side.

His breathing hitched in his throat as her eyes flickered shut. This couldn't be happening....not now.

He couldn't think, couldn't move and he waited for his team mates to come running. He'd never felt so useless.

"Come on Janet, hang in there! Sam'll be here soon." His desperation was starting to show and the one thing he didn't want her to see was how scared he truly was.

Her eyes opened slightly, searching his for some understanding of what was happening. "Daniel?" Her voice was weak and when her eyes closed again he knew it was too late. She was gone.