I Shall Believe - Sheryl Crow
4.50MB and made on 10th December, 2024
A Threads video based around the Sam, Jacob and Jack storyline, heavy on the SJ and comes with a tissue warning according to Bex!

I Can't Be Your Friend- Tim Rushlow

4.57MB and made on 30th March, 2024
A deceptively titled song, perfect for SJ! ;)

Taking You Home- Don Henley
5.44MB and made on 4th March, 2024
Set after Threads and looks back over Sam & Jack from the beginning.

Groovy Kind Of Love- Phil Collins
4.50MB and made on 25th February, 2024
A more laid back music video! Contains clips up to Threads.

Forget Me Not- Lucie Silvas
4.58MB and made on 2nd January, 2024
A Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete video set straight after Affinity. Made with the fabulous Jo R.


Last Man Standing- Lucie Silvas
4.50MB and made on 17th October, 2024
A Sam/Jack video. Clips up to Lost City Part 2.

Frightened- Toby Lightman
4.56MB and made on 24th July, 2024
Gorgeous song. Made with clips up to Lost City Part 2.

Wrapped Up In You- Garth Brooks
4.18MB and listed on 3rd March, 2024
A great song for a Sam/Jack video!

My All- Mariah Carey
5.42MB and listed on 3rd March, 2024
A song I couldn't get out of my head until this video was made!

You Were Mine- Dixie Chicks
4.72MB and made on 21st February, 2024

My 100th video! Thanks go to Emony since the idea for this video was all hers! (Contains Jack/Laira)

Obvious- Westlife
4.66MB and made on 27th January, 2024

I couldn't resist! Thanks to Meesh for the encouragement.

You Set Me Free- Michelle Branch
4.70MB and made on 25th November, 2024

Inspired by Erin's Catherine/Grissom video to the same song... thanks Sugar!

If I'm Not In Love- Faith Hill
5.98MB and made on 11th September, 2024

Thanks to LauraJo for her help with this one.

I Ask Of You- Anastasia
5.6MB and made on 28th July, 2024

A Sam/Jack vid using season 1-4 clips.

Longer- Delta Goodrem
5.36MB and made on 18th June, 2024

Part of 'The Delta project' thanks go to Jara for the scene help!

You Can't Hide Beautiful- Aaron Lines
5.19MB and made on 22nd May, 2024

My first SJ vid in three months (damn other fandoms!) I hope it was worth the wait.

I Can't Breakdown- Sinead Quinn
2.39MB and made on 12th February, 2024
A Sam video with a hint of Sam/Jack. Made with LauraJo.

Wouldn't Change A Thing-  Kylie
2.20MB and made on 6th January, 2024
Thanks to Sue, Lola and Kelly for the scene help.

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing- Mark Wills
2.65MB and made on 29th November, 2024

This one's for Susanna, Jadie and Linz.

Flying Without Wings- Westlife
2.45MB and made on 9th November, 2024

Again for Ann M, sorry it took so long!!!

Cowboy Take Me Away- Dixie Chicks
3.24MB and made on 9th November, 2024

For Ann M, who watched my Sam/Jonas video with no complaints :)

Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me-Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
3.08MB and made on 10th October, 2024

My 50th music video and as such, a mixture of all the shows I ship for: West Wing- Josh/Donna, Stargate- Sam/Jack, JAG- Harm/Mac, Voyager- Janeway/Chakotay, Roswell- Max/Maria

I Do Cherish You- Mark Wills
2.17MB and made on 6th October, 2024
A Harm/Mac (JAG) and Sam/Jack video

Come What May- Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor
3.16MB and made on 21st September, 2024

I just had to video this song... no idea why. For everyone who kept me up till 4:40am talking :)

You Are My Heart- Lara Fabian
2.80MB and made on 23rd August, 2024

Thanks to Susanna for the song idea. Hope you like it :)

The Only Thing Wrong- Jamie O'Neal
2.79 MB and made on 21st August, 2024

This video is dedicated to Jadie. Thank you so much for all you've done for me. *huggles 2nd mom* Also thanks to Ann M for the continuous prodding and encouragement to make a new video.

No Place That Far- Sara Evans and Vince Gill
994KB and made on 13th August, 2024

The mini Sam/Jack video which nearly killed me. And Meeshy no, I'm not making a full video for this song! ;) Thanks for Suz for her help.

Where We Belong- Jamie O'Neil
2.51MB and made on 23rd July, 2024

Thanks go to Ann for her opinion on this song! Dedicated to Meeshy for the melted chocolate covered coffee beans!

When I Think About Angels- Jamie O'Neil
735KB and made on 4th July, 2024

A nice short S/J video since I was in need of some distraction from my Hammond vid.

Wherever You Will Go- The Calling
2.29MB and made on 27th June, 2024

I wasn't going to post this after SuzVoy posted her version but she told me to so here it is. For SJUK it was great meeting you all!!

Strange Relationship- Darren Hayes
3.41MB and made on 20th June- 2nd July, 2024

My 40th music video!!!!! Thanks to Linsey since the song was her idea, the Paul Davis appearance is for you and Martouf appears for Meesh... I wanted to cause him pain but she wouldn't let me *mutters* This vid is Jack/Daniel, Sam/Jack, Sam/Janet (in that order)

There You Are- Martina McBride
2.32MB and made on 12th June, 2024

This is one of my favourite songs to sing at the moment and v shippy. This one's for Isabel, see ya soon babe :)

Hanging By A Moment- Lifehouse
2.44MB and made on 30th May, 2024

Requested by Starbuck, also thanks to Lin who made some observations about my last video which kinda helped me with this one. Enjoy :)

Underneath Your Clothes- Shakira
2.50MB and made on 26th May, 2024

This song is perfect for S/J so video made. This one is for LauraJo, Enjoy :)

Complicated- Carolyn Dawn Johnson
2.55MB and made on 17th May, 2024

Sam and Jack do seem confused half the time so I had this idea. This one is for Joe and Susanna.

When I Look Into Your Heart- Vince Gill & Amy Grant
2.05MB and made on 15th May, 2024

A gorgeous song, which I think suits the looks Sam and Jack keep sending each other :)

Ain't Nothin' About You- Brooks and Dunn
2.28MB and made on 15th May, 2024

Made on request for Jackie, Sorry it took so long!! Enjoy :)

Someone Like You- Russell Watson
2.82MB and made on 12th May, 2024

Made after reading Amanda Hawthorns wonderful fic 'What's left behind'

Valentine- Martina McBride
2.11MB and made on 3rd May, 2024

I'm in a soppy mood. So here's a Sam/Jack video. This one is for Meesh, in the hope that she'll write me fic!!!!

I Could Not Ask For More- Sara Evans
3.11MB and made on 1st May, 2024

I absolutely love this song!! This one is for Jade even though she doesn't watch Stargate but she listens to me ramble!

If I Should Fall Behind- Faith Hill
3.00MB and made on 27th April, 2024

Meesh chose most of the scenes for this one, so she did half the work. This one is for her. Enjoy :)

Best In Me-  Blue
2.16MB and made on 24th April, 2024

I heard this song on 'Smash hits' today and couldn't believe I'd never paid attention to it on Blues album!

Everywhere- Michelle Branch
2.41MB and made on 19th April, 2024

A great song. This one is for Susanna, my music twin, since she likes Michelle's music. Enjoy :)

What If I Said- Anita Cochrane and Steve Warner
3.23MB and made on 17th April, 2024
Thanks to Meesh for being on the end of the phone coming up with scenes for me to use when I got stuck. Enjoy :)

A New Day Has Come- Celine Dion
2.95MB and made on 10th April, 2024

Ramble: Pain + Boredom = Music video.

Because You Love Me- Jo Dee Messina
2.56MB and made on 9th April, 2024

I love this song! Perfect for S/J. This one is for Susanna because I always enjoy dominating the chat rooms with her. Enjoy :)

Good Enough- Sarah McLachlan
3.28MB and made on 9th April, 2024

I adore this song! This one is for Anne Rose as I haven't got the scenes to do her Voyager music video yet. Enjoy :)

The Way You Love Me- Faith Hill
2.02MB and made on 31st March, 2024

I love Faith's music so I had to make this. This one's for LauraJo. Enjoy :)

That's The Way- Jo Dee Messina
2.25MB and made on 28th March, 2024

I meant to make this a Sam video but it came out being pretty shippy. I absolutely love this song and really couldn't help making a video for it! This one is for Vikki.

Obvious- Christina Aguilera
Size: 2.67MB and made on 26th March, 2024

Just wanted something to do. This is for Ally who was converted to SJism today! *claps*

Angel-  Sarah McLachlan
2.95MB and made on 24th March, 2024

A harder song to make a video for than it sounds! Enjoy :)

All I've Ever Wanted- Mariah Carey
2.61MB and made on 23rd March, 2024

 I said I'd never make a Mariah video but I did anyway doh! This one is for Bec. Enjoy :)

It Is You I Have Loved-  Dana Glover
2.60MB and made on 22nd March, 2024

A gorgeous song from the Shrek Soundtrack. This one is for Kate, my partner in crime for the GJ (Hammond/Janet) movement *evil laughter*

It Must Have Been Love- Roxette
2.86MB and made on  21st March, 2024

This one was a little while in coming due to windows movie maker crashing (grrr) this one is for Charon, who listens no matter what I'm complaining/happy about.

Wonder Number Eight- The Honeyz
2.71 MB and made on 24th February, 2024
This song seemed kinda appropriate. My first video with the same images for each chorus. This one is for Rel for the nagging.

Ol' Devil Called Love- Alison Moyet
2.07MB and made on 24th February, 2024

I'm in love with this song. Made while watching Nemesis and Small Victories (action Jack *thud*) this one's for Lola.

Why We Said Goodbye- Tim McGraw
2.51MB and made on  24th February, 2024

This one is for Joe. First video where I attempted to make the lyrics match the images.