Real Good Man - Tim McGraw
5.46MB and made on 10th December, 2024
Just a fun Jack O'Neill vid for Medie & Christina

The Analyst - Delta Goodrem
4.69MB and made on 28th January, 2024

A Sam video which I've been meaning to make for awhile. Thanks to Azar for the scene help :)

Always There - Kate Alexa
4.37MB and made on 31st December, 2024
A Janet tribute as requested by Paige on her wishlist.

I Don't Wanna Be- Gavin DeGraw
4.63MB and made on 9th November, 2024
The perfect song for a Jonas video! Thanks to Ash for the scene help :)

Time Of My Life Instrumental- The John Morris Orchestra
1.57MB and made on 6th October, 2024
A short Janet tribute video. Obviously, this one contains clips from Heroes

Where You Lead (Gilmore Girls Theme)- Carole King
2.56MB and made on 24th May, 2024
A mini Janet & Cassie video to the Gilmore Girls theme tune

Ladies Night- Atomic Kitten
3.63MB and made on 25th November, 2024

A SG1/CSI crossover and featuring Sam, Janet, Catherine and Sara.

Bring On The Rain- Jo Dee Messina and Tim McGraw
6.5MB and made on 25th June, 2024

A Janet video made for Geonn and Mesh. Thanks to Saz for the scene help!


Just A Little-  Liberty X
2.65MB and made on 31st December, 2024

Requested by Linsey and made with Karaden, this video has a George/?? pairing list so long I can't list it here!

Daniel- Elton John
2.59MB and made on 5th April, 2024

Made for Meesh. Not my best video but I like it anyway :)

Let's Hear It For The Boy-  Denise Williams
2.87MB and made on 24th February, 2024

A tribute to Jack. This one was all Rels idea and has minor Sam/Jack.