At Last - Eva Cassidy
4.43MB and made on 2nd December, 2024
Version one of the two Lucky/Elizabeth videos I have planned for this song! Uses Greg's Lucky only.

Still Holding Out For You - SheDaisy

4.45MB and made on 10th November, 2024
A Lucky/Elizabeth video based around Lucky's 1999 'death'

Making Memories Of Us - Keith Urban
4.47MB and made on 6th November, 2024
A Lucky/Elizabeth video set around their fairytale wedding!

Collide - Howie Day
4.47MB and made on 30th October, 2024
Another song that turned out to be perfect for a Nikolas/Courtney video!

Flying Without Wings - Westlife
3.56MB and made on 24th October, 2024
A Nikolas/Courtney video.

You're Beautiful - James Blunt
4.48MB and made on 24th September, 2024
A Lorenzo/Elizabeth idea which wouldn't go away until I made it. Never again though!

When You Love Someone - Bryan Adams
4.34MB and made on 15th September, 2024
Another Bryan Adams song! This is a Elizabeth/Lucky video and features all three Luckys.

Run To You - Bryan Adams
4.43MB and made on 11th September, 2024
A Nikolas/Courtney video with some Nikolas/Emily

The Weight Of Love - Leann Rimes
4.51MB and made on 3rd July, 2024
A Carly/Lorenzo video featuring Tamara's Carly.

I Would've Loved You Anyway - Trisha Yearwood
4.51MB and made on 16th May, 2024
Brenda looks back on her relationship with Jax.

Close - Aaron Lines
2.69MB and made on 30th January, 2024
A mini Jason/Sam vid

Second Chance - Trisha Yearwood
4.60MB and made on 30th January, 2024
Shows that Sam is Jason's second chance at happiness. Jason/Sam with some Jason/Courtney.

Always - Bon Jovi
5.35MB and made on 25th January, 2024
The Brenda/Sonny video I've been promising Krissy for ages!

The Safest Place - Leann Rimes
4.46MB and made on 7th January, 2024
A JaSam video for Krissy. Happy birthday honey!

Because You Love Me - Jo Dee Messina
4.55MB and made on 27th December, 2024
I seem to use this song in all my fandoms! A  Jason/Sam video.

I Shall Believe - Sheryl Crow
5.40MB and made on 18th December, 2024
A Jason/Sam video made with Krissy.

I'll Stand By You - The Pretenders
4.51MB and made on 15th December, 2024
Another Jason/Sam video.

 I Dare You - SheDaisy
4.52MB and made on 13th December, 2024
A Jason/Sam video dedicated to Krissy, my little soap historian!

Who I Am - Jessica Andrews
4.41MB and made on 18th November, 2024
A Brook Lynn video with some Brook Lynn/Lucas

Didn't I- Rachel Proctor
3.48MB and made on 2nd November, 2024
A Jax/Brenda video. Sorry Krissy! The next one will be S/B I promise!