Voyager Music Videos


What If- Kate Winslet
3.95MB and made on 9th December, 2003

Well it's been awhile! This vid is for Manda since she seems to inspire my Voyager muse!

Frantic- Jamie O'Neal
1.97MB and 16th November, 2002

A Janeway vid for Susanna, Lin and LauraJo. Enjoy :)

Words Get In The Way- Gloria Estefan
2.16MB and made on 2nd November, 2002

A Post End Game Janeway/Chakotay video.

Unbreakable- Westlife
3.14MB and made on 14th October, 2002

Janeway/Chakotay. Thanks for Jadie and Dakota for their help.

Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me- Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
3.08MB and made on 10th October, 2002

My 50th music video and as such, a mixture of all the shows I ship for: West Wing- Josh/Donna, Stargate- Sam/Jack,
JAG- Harm/Mac, Voyager- Janeway/Chakotay, Roswell- Max/Maria

Bring On The Rain- JoDee Messina and Tim McGraw
2.66MB and made on 30th September, 2002
My first Janeway/Chakotay video and made for Susanna.