Stargate SG-1 Team Music Videos

Breathe In - Lucie Silvas
4.44MB and made on 30th January, 2005
Made with Jo R and uses clips from seasons 1-8

Song 2- Blur
2.81MB and made on 13 August, 2004
Made for Debbie and contains clips from seasons 1-7

Time Of Your Life- Green Day
1.73MB and made on 25th October, 2002

Well, I leave for SG5 in under 7 hours and this is my way of celebrating the coming weekend!!

Basket Case- Green Day
2.00MB and made on 13th May, 2002

This one's for Charon. Look! Daniel!!!

The Cold Song- Jewel
692KB and made on 3rd May, 2002

A nice short team video, This one is for Joe and Ally, since Ally played me the sing first and this is from Joes CD. Enjoy :)

Get Happy- Zoe Birkett
Size: 1.85MB and made on 26th April, 2002

The story of 'Window of Opportunity' I was bored today in a free hour at college so I made this while Joe complained about the song! Enjoy :)

Bohemian Like You- Dandy Warhols
2.38MB and made on 19th April, 2002

Charon wanted this video. Not my best but I hope you like it hun. The story of 1969. Enjoy :)