Stargate SG-1 Other Couple Music Videos

She's A Lady - Tom Jones
6.73MB and made on 30th September, 2007
A Vala, Daniel/Vala with spoilers to the end of season 10.


What Can You Lose?- Madonna
3.53MB and made on 30th March, 2005
A Sam/Jonas video since it's way too long since I've played about with them!

Forget Me Not- Lucie Silvas
4.58MB and made on 2nd January, 2005
A Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete video set straight after Affinity. Made with the fabulous Jo R.


No One Needs To Know- Shania Twain
4.60MB and made on 24th May, 2004
A Daniel/Janet video for Vicki...LauraJo stop sniggering ;)

Steep - Lauren Christy
2.74MB and made on 24th, May, 2004
A mini Sam/Daniel video for Azar since she's probably the only one of my friends not planning to kill me right now! ;)

I Think I Love You- Less than Jake
1.41MB and made on 13th January, 2003

A Nirrti/Cronus video. Thanks to Jadie who sent me 'Double Jeopardy' so I could finish this vid.

I Already Do- Chely Wright
2.50MB and made on  23rd December, 2002
A Sam/Jonas video for Yam and Ness.

I Feel The Earth Move- Carol King
1.92MB and made on  7th November, 2002

A Sam/Jonas video for Emony, Fides and Linsey ‘the first Sam/Jonas shipper'

Coffee - Supersister
380KB and made on 24th August, 2002

A George/Janet video.

Secret Lovers- Atlantic Starr
Size:2.47MB and made on 7th April, 2002
A George/Janet video...I'm sorry but I just couldn't resist!!! For Karaden obviously ;P