General Hospital Music Videos

Honky Tonk Woman - The Rolling Stones
5.17MB and made on 20th August, 2006
A Carly video with Carly/Jax, Carly/Sonny, Carly/Patrick, Carly/Max, Carly/Lucky, Carly/Ric, Carly/Nikolas and Carly/Jason.

Finding My Own Way - Charlotte Church
4.41BB and made on 29th December, 2005
A Carly video which shows Carly trying to work out who she is after her nervous breakdown. Feature's the wonderful Laura Wright as Carly.


You're Beautiful - James Blunt
4.48MB and made on 24th September, 2005
A Lorenzo/Elizabeth idea which wouldn't go away until I made it. Never again though!

The Weight Of Love - Leann Rimes
4.51MB and made on 3rd July, 2005
A Carly/Lorenzo video featuring Tamara's Carly.

I Would've Loved You Anyway - Trisha Yearwood
4.51MB and made on 16th May, 2005
Brenda looks back on her relationship with Jax.

Always - Bon Jovi
5.35MB and made on 25th January, 2005
The Brenda/Sonny video I've been promising Krissy for ages!

Who I Am - Jessica Andrews
4.41MB and made on 18th November, 2004
A Brooklynn video with some Brooklynn/Lucas

Didn't I - Rachel Proctor
3.48MB and made on 2nd November, 2004
A Jax/Brenda video. Sorry Krissy! The next one will be S/B I promise!