Doctor Who Music Videos

Zombie - Cranberries
12.9MB and made on 21st August, 2007
A video for the last three episodes of series 3.

I Miss My Friend - Darryl Worrley
8.57MB and made on 29th July, 2007
A Doctor/Rose video with clips from the second & third series.

Patience - Take That
8.54MB and made on 13th January, 2007
A Doctor/Donna, Doctor/Rose video with clips from Doomsday & The Runaway Bride only.

The Power Of Love - Huey Lewis & The News
9.52MB and made on 28th October, 2006
A Ninth Doctor/Jack/Rose video made with Azar.

Sophia - Nerina Pallot
6.00MB and made on 25th June, 2006
A Tenth Doctor/Reinette video. All clips from 2x04 Girl In The Fireplace.


Ordinary - Train
5.87MB and made on 6th June, 2006
Requested by Azar and completed just in time for her birthday! This is a Tenth Doctor/Rose vid with scenes up to 2x08 The Impossible Planet.

Ride - Amanda Marshall
5.53MB and made on 6th May, 2006
Requested by Azar, this is a general DW vid with a focus on The Doctor & Rose. Contains scenes up to 2x03 School Reunion.

Beautiful - Jennifer Paige
4.54MB and made on 22nd July, 2005
A Doctor/Rose video with Rose looking back at the end of 1x13 Parting Of The Ways.

Taking You Home - Don Henley
4.38MB and made on 17th June, 2005
Another Doctor/Rose video made with Bex. Clips up to 1x12 Bad Wolf.

I Will Love You - Fisher
4.16MB and made on 15th June, 2005
A Doctor/Rose video made with Bex. Contains clips up to 1x12 Bad Wolf

It Had To Be You - Harry Connick Jr
4.62MB and made on 10th June, 2005
A Doctor/Rose video made with Matti!