CSI Music Videos

The Meaning Of Love- Michelle Mcmanus
2.90MB and made on 3rd April, 2004
A Mini Catherine/Grissom music video for my Sugar. Happy birthday sweetie *hugs*

Something To Talk About- Bonnie Riatt
5.90 and made on 27th March, 2004
An old and recently recovered Catherine/Grissom video!

My Thanksgiving {Edit}- Don Henley
2.45MB and made on 31st December, 2003

A short Grissom/Sara video for Ash's birthday! Jen, I'm so so sorry, this really is the last G/S vid I'll do...I promise!
Thanks to Allison for letting me use her (nicely edited) version of the song.

Ladies Night- Atomic Kitten
3.63MB and made on 25th November, 2003

A SG1/CSI crossover and featuring Sam, Janet, Catherine and Sara.

Someday- Nickelback
3.66MB and made on 16th November, 2003

Completely Ash's fault!! This Grissom/Sara vid bunny wouldn't go away until I gave in and made it.
Contains scenes up to 404 Invisible Evidence.

Nobody- Amy Studt
6.01MB and made on 11th September, 2003

An incredibly dark Catherine, Catherine/Grissom set at the end of Inside the Box.


Punishment- SheDaisy
6.04MB and made on 7th September, 2003

This is a Sara POV video and is pretty much a Cath/Grissom video using Sara/Grissom clips... confused yet?
The blame for this one goes to Amanda Hawthorn and Ash!


Fighter- Christina Aguilera
610KB and made on 7th September, 2003

A 20 second video for Catherine and Eddie

You Were Mine- Dixie Chicks
5.74MB and made on 6th September, 2003

This is a Catherine/Grissom, Sara/Grissom music video from Catherine's POV. I've been told to add a tissue warning!!


You've Got A Friend In Me- Randy Newman
3.29MB and made on 6th September, 2003

I've wanted to make this Greg/Nick video since I first joined the fandom and nearly 9 months later I've finally done it!!


Don't Let Go- David Sneddon
5.86MB and made on 23rd April, 2003

Just a regular Catherine/Grissom vid to make up for the insanity below!
Thanks to Allison and Cath for the scenes that helped finish this!

I've Got A Theory- Cast of Buffy
5.47MB and made on 21st April, 2003

The weird ass CSI/CSI Miami Buffy inspired, musical number. Cast list is as follows: Horatio- Giles,
Catherine- Buffy, Sara- Willow, Greg- Xander, Meg- Tara, Calleigh- Anya, Others- Chorus.


I Miss My Friend- Darryl Worley
3.50MB and made on12th April, 2003

Based around the concept that Cath and Griss seem to have more distance between them in the 3rd series.

No One Needs To Know- Shania Twain
2.04MB and made on 5th April, 2003

A Catherine/Grissom video from Catherine's POV.

The Distance- Evan and Jaron
2.99MB and made on 31st March, 2003

A Catherine/Grissom video made as a promo for my fic series of the same name.