Stargate Atlantis Music Videos

So Close - Jon McLaughlin
10.6MB and made on 31st July, 2008
A John/Elizabeth music video and once again, it took way too long!

You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol
6.68MB and made on 2nd December, 2007
A Sam/Jack, Sam/John video with scenes from Atlantis season 4 included.

That Thing You Do - The Wonders
3.67MB and made on 25th December, 2005
My first *just* John/Elizabeth video which has taken far too long IMO!

I'll Be Home For Christmas - Martina McBride
3.61MB and made on 22nd December, 2005
A general Christmas on Atlantis video, the idea for which I had back in January so it's been a long wait! It's based around 1x17 Messages From Pegasus but does contain clips up to 2x15 The Tower.

Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer
4.48MB and made on 21st February, 2005
A general love on Atlantis video. Was intended for Valentine's Day but obviously I just missed it!!

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
4.42 MB and made on 20th February, 2005
A Sanctuary, John/Chaya video which I'm blaming completely on Azar!

Tryin' To Find Atlantis - Jamie O'Neal
14.2MB and made on 25th January, 2005 (remade on 20th January, 2008)
I first heard a clip of this song nearly 2 years ago on Jamie's site which was the same time that it was announced that the Stargate spin off would be called Atlantis. So since then I've been telling everyone I'd vid this song! So finally, with Azar, I have! It's ultimately Elizabeth/John but contains Elizabeth/McKay, Elizabeth/Daniel, Elizabeth/Jack and Elizabeth/Simon. (As seen at Pegasus Three)