By Clara
Summary: Itís not real
Disclaimer: Theyíre not mine
Pairing: Syd/Vaughn, mention of Vaughn/Lauren
Set during: Conscious
Authorís Notes: Written for challenge #46 at Alias100 ĎMirageí
Dedication: Ash, Emily & Matti
She runs her hand down the side of his face before leaning forward and kissing him.
She tells him sheís missed him and that they can do this here because itís not real. Itís just a dream, a mirage.
She can tell part of him wants to give in and right then sheíd do anything to make him hers again, even if itís not real.
The door opens and she looks up, her father standing in the doorway, looks anywhere but at them and itís then she realises itís not a mirage, this is real life and where he belongs to Lauren.