King Of Wishful Thinking
By Clara

Summary: He’s just not that kinda guy.
Set: Between seasons 3 and 4
Rating: G
Category: SWeiss, mention of Syd/Vaughn
Author’s Notes: So awhile ago Jeanine and I issued each other challenges. She was to write a fic based on Tim McGraw’s Live Like You Were Dying and I got Go West’s King Of Wishful Thinking and this is what came of it. This drabble was finally finished due to the ‘pick an interest for a drabble meme’ on LJ, so I chose ‘Weiss’ on Medie’s list.
Thanks to: my Sugar for the beta.
Dedication: Jeanine, Medie and Sugar.


Sydney was never going to be his to keep.

Weiss just wasn’t a man who had that kind of luck. Usually he would accept it as fact and move on, but she was special. A fact that made moving on more difficult than it had any right to be.

When he saw them together at work or heading into the apartment he’d found for her, he would smile hello before bowing his head and walking on.

He wasn’t one of those guys like Mike, but that didn’t stop him from wishing that just once, it would work out that way.