By Clara
Summary: The fall's gonna kill you
Set: Within the first few episodes of season two
Paring: Sydney/Sark
Rating: R
Author’s Notes: Thanks to Sugar for the beta. Love ya hon! Also, thanks go to Ash who’s been pointing me the direction of all the fantastic Sarkney fic out there since this obsession started!
After every near miss she’d always felt the need to be with someone, to feel them against her…before, she’d always been able to suppress and ignore it. Who was she going to jump? Dixon? It just wasn’t ever going to happen.
Then he’d strutted into SD-6 one day and Sloane had announced he would be working with them until their common goal was met…Rambaldi.
With each mission it got harder and harder to pretend that he wasn’t there and that he wasn’t looking at her with fire in his eyes…she wanted so badly to give in.
Sark opens the door and then run inside quickly. She turns the lock and they both lean back again the door. His hand brushes hers by accident and then it’s a freefall.
He slams her back against the door, lips pressed hard against hers.
Her legs clamped his hips and she’d be worried about falling if it wasn’t for his hard weight settled against her, holding her up.
They shouldn’t be doing this. He’s still the enemy and she can just see the look on Vaughn’s face if he ever found out what she was doing and yet in this moment she doesn’t care.
Then her shirts undone and his mouth is on her chest, making thought 100% over rated.
She can barely look at him as she does her shirt up again. Quickly she pushes her communications piece back in her ear. She’s still breathless when she begins to speak. “Dixon, mission accomplished, I’ve got it.”
“Great job Syd. Meet you both out back in 10.”
She signs off and turns to find Sark watching her. “What?”
He shakes his head, a lazy grin spreads across his face and for the first time since she met him, he doesn’t have anything to say.
Growling she grabs the bag containing their newly required Rambaldi artefact and heads for the exit door, she can hear him falling her around but makes a point of not looking.
This can’t happen again, it shouldn’t have happened this time. She silently repeats it over and over and tries to convince herself…from the look on his face she can tell he knows what’s going through her mind and he doesn’t believe her either.
He turns up on her doorstep the following night, just as she’s managed to convince herself to ignore whatever it is that’s between them. It’s not a relationship, she knows that much.
She swallows hard when she sees him, black suit, black shirt open at the collar. She’s always thought him to be good looking, but she’s only just starting to realise the effect he has on her.
Francie and Will will be back soon and Will knows who Sark is, she doesn’t want them to see each other, doesn’t want the way she lives to cause him any more pain…but she can’t deny herself this even though there’s no way to justify what they’re doing.
They don’t talk. She simply takes his hand and leads him to her bedroom; she doesn’t allow herself to think of all the wrongs as he presses his mouth against her shoulder, making her shiver.
When it’s over she rolls over and watches him dress, she tries not to smile as he kisses her quickly before walking out the door.
This can’t happen again, this can’t happen again.