Title: Contradiction
Author: Clara
Summary: She’s a mystery, a contradiction and all those clichés
Fandom: Alias/Without A Trace
Pairing: Lauren/Danny
Rating: PG-13
Author’s Notes: For Medie…whom I really need to kill.
Lauren is a mystery, a contradiction and all those others clichés that he always said he’d never call a woman.

But that’s what she is and he’s always been a straight talker.

She’s standing at the window, sheet wrapped around her as she stares down at the traffic below. This is the longest she’s ever stayed and he wonders what’s so different this time.

He doesn’t break the silence, just simply lays there and traces her back with his eyes, adding fucking beautiful to the list of things he thinks of her.

Slowly she turns around and meets his eyes, smiling slightly as she walks towards him. “I have to get back to LA.”

He nods and sits up; resting against the headboard as he watches her dress in the clothes he so recently tore off of her.

“When’s your next trip?”

“Couple of weeks at the most.”

He resists the urge to ask her to make it sooner, or at least not leave so soon this time. But by now he’s well aware of the way this works.

She finishes by re applying her lipstick in the small mirror on his dresser and running her fingers through her hair and once again he crushes the urge to make her stay.

“See you soon Danny.” She tosses the words casually over her shoulder as she walks out the door and like all the times before he feels used.